Books fascinate me the most.


Hi! I am Georgina Dunn and I am a college students majoring history. Most of my times I spend in library. I love books. Seeing those series of books excites me. Although history is my major, but I read not only about history but also other subjects, such as house improvement and gardening.

I love gardening and doing DIY for house improvement. My house has a small backyard that I use as my experiment. Recently, I am doing the experiment of making a something called “Butterfly Gardening”. Gardening is not only about growing flowers or trees, but also about arranging the colours and aesthetics.

House improvement is another thing that excites me. It challenges my artistic sense. Since my dad is a carpenter, I mostly consult with him about the materials that I need for my experiment. My recent DIY project is bookshelves.

Seeing that I am always busy with my home improvement project, my dad urged me to write in a blog. At first, I felt unsure because design is not my major, but my dad said I have a great taste when it comes to designing simple furniture. So, here I am now writing about DIY on design and home improvement. I am not an expert, so you might find my design a bit out of the ordinary.

Through this blog I am hoping to get more insight from experts who comment my work. Hey, feel free to give me your opinion on my work. Or, we can share ideas if you want a recommendation for your DIY project.